Domain Registration

Can I register a one-character or two-letter .IN Domain?

All one character and two character domains, are reserved by government and NIXI order, and are not available to the public. The minimum .in domain length is three characters.

I spelled my domain wrong, can I get it changed?

No. Unfortunately, once a .IN domain name is registered, we are unable to get our cost back from the inregistry or make any changes to the domain name.

How do I transfer my domain name?

For Registrant-to-Registrant Transfers

The registrant should update the contact information through the sponsoring registrar. NIXI cannot do this for you, you must do it through the registrar.

For Registrar-to-Registrar Transfers

Obtain the authorization code from the current sponsoring registrar of the domain. Please consult the WHOIS to find out who the sponsoring registrar is. After you receive your authorization code, supply it to the winning registrar. The winning registrar should then initiate the transfer. Once initiated, the transfer will be completed in five 24-hour periods. NIXI advises that you change your auth code after a transfer. You can do this through the winning registrar.

When will a .in domain name be released for re-registration?

For a domain name to be released for registration, it must complete the 30-day RGP and the five-day RHP. In total, a domain name can be released for re-registration 35 days after it has been deleted by a registrar, provided that there has been no restore request received by the registry during the RGP. To calculate the date a deleted domain name will be available for registration, add 35 days to the “last updated on” date reflected in the WHOIS.

How do I make record updates or add name servers?

To make a change, you can do it directly from within your control panel, we will then put the request through to the .IN registry. NIXI is not allowed to change records directly for registrants. This procedure is true for all domain name registries.

Domain Status in the .IN registry WHOIS

Status in the IN registrar’s WHOIS database

  • OK This is the normal status for a domain that has no pending operations or prohibitions.
  • PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE The 30-day period after a registrar has submitted a delete command to delete a domain from the registry. All Internet services associated with the domain are disabled. During this period, a registrar can submit a request to Restore the domain.
  • INACTIVE The domain has no associated name-servers. A minimum of two (2) name-servers must be associated with the domain before it can be published to the zone.
  • PENDING TRANSFER A transfer request of the domain is submitted by gaining registrar, the transfer has not been completed.
  • CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Registrar does not allow the transfer of a domain.
  • CLIENT RENEW PROHIBITED Registrar does not allow the renewal of a domain.
  • CLIENT DELETE PROHIBITED Registrar does not allow the deletion of a domain.
  • CLIENT UPDATE PROHIBITED Registrar does not allow the update or modification of a domain.
  • CLIENT HOLD Registrar will not allow the domain to be published to the zone.
  • TRANSFER PROHIBITED INregistry does not allow transfer of the .in domain.
  • RENEW PROHIBITED INregistry does not allow renewal of the .in domain.
  • DELETE PROHIBITED INregistry does not allow deletion of the .in domain.
  • UPDATE PROHIBITED INregistry does not allow any update of the .in domain status.
  • HOLD INregistry will not allow the .IN domain to be published to the zone.