MySQL Databases

Accessing phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP that allows you to administrate your MySQL databases. You can execute SQL statements, work with fields (add, edit, delete), work with tables (create, alter, drop), create additional databases, and much more. phpMyAdmin is intended for advanced users. Most PHP scripts will automatically setup the database for you, so you probably won’t need to use phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin can be accessed at Please visit for more information on using phpMyAdmin.

Changing Database Passwords

To change a database password, first click on the name of the database in the main MySQL databases menu. The list of database users will appear (see above picture). To change the password for the database user, click the “modify” link and enter a new password, then click the “Create” button. You do not need to know the old password to make this change.

Removing Users from a Database

To remove database users, first click on the database name from the main MySQL databases menu. To delete the database user, simply check the box next to its name and click the “Delete Selected” button.